Technical and dosimetric parameters


Type: cell
TL-materialAl2O3:C, 6LiF:Mg,Ti and 7LiF:Mg,Ti
Measuring range10 µSv - 100 mSv (ambient dose equivalent)
Identificationautomatic, using a built in memory chip
Dimensiondiameter 14 mm, length 69 mm
Mass~ 25 g
Dimension of the casediameter 30 mm, length 110 mm


Measuring range (s‹10%) (Al2O3:C material)10 µSv - 100 mSv
Reading accuracy3 digits
Accuracy of measurement (above 10 mSv)< 5%
Measuring modes- manual read-out
- automatic read-out
Display192 x 64 graphic LCD
Information displayed- identifier of the dosimeter (cell)
- dose equivalent in Sv
- date and time of the measurement
- dose rate
- error codes
- glow curve
- temperature of the Reader etc.
Storing of informationin internal memory; 1920 data blocks
Computer (PC) connectionRS-232 (for reading out data blocks, for displaying and loading parameters)
Setting working mode and parametersby 6 push-buttons, using menu system
Periodicity of automatic read-out5 min - 200 hours
Powerrechargeable battery built in / line / car battery
Number of read-outs (battery powered)more than 100 if charged once
Storage temperature range-40°C – +50°C
Operating temperature range-20°C – +40°C
Dimension210 mm (width) × 80 mm (height) × 170 mm (depth)
Mass~ 2.6-3.2 kg, depending on battery capacity